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Through a clear separation of roles and a more robust application process involving a focus on the demonstration of a variety of skills including, amongst other things, student presentation videos (an example of which can be seen here) and a four-panel interview, more than 50% of the year 12 cohort submitted applications to sign up to the programme.

Prefect roles have now been divided into two more distinct pathways; Prefect Ambassadors and Prefect Ministers.

The Ambassadors responsibility is that of mentoring/coaching, focusing on the academic needs of students in the lower years; working either 1:1 or with small groups of students lower down the school on their development in particular subjects. It also entails working with students on a single focus, eg developing skills related in a sport or test. Key attributes for this role include empathy, patience, tolerance and a desire to help others progress in their academic journey. Each Prefect is assigned two students from a particular year and they facilitate meetings at a mutually agreeable time during the school day. This is reviewed at the end of a half term with a view to the Prefect being assigned two different students for the next term.

The Ministers responsibility has a greater emphasis on discipline and invigilation; working closely with staff to uphold the expectations of SGS, ensuring all students feel safe and respected. It also involves working with staff to show all that SGS has to offer with prospective pupils and their parents, and demonstrating continued professionalism, for example the Primary Liaison programme. Other aims include strengthening and expanding lower school leadership across the school; developing bigger school and community issues, eg our environmental impact. Key attributes for this position include confidence, strong organisational and communication skills, an ability to use own initiative and a desire to enforce the SGS ethos.

Our Prefects mature in their intellectual and personal interactions, contributing to and forming a vital part of life in Post 16 and the whole of the school.