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Spalding Grammar School

A Sixth Former's Perspective (Head Boy)

"Ask any student in year twelve or thirteen - they will say the same thing, that Sixth form makes up the most challenging but also rewarding part of their school career.

Having spent five years at the School, coming back for another two years felt like a natural progression. However, it is an important decision to make depending on your career choices. For internal and external students alike, the choice to further your own understanding requires a passion in your subject area, and as a student of as many years as myself, I can encourage anyone with a want to learn to come to Spalding  Grammar School.

Learning alongside like-minded students and supportive staff members helps to take the edge off A-levels. They are still challenging yes, however, with your own enthusiasm and the guidance given they become entirely manageable.

The students of SGS show how far you can go if you wish to succeed. Those that I have known since I started have only moved upwards, going from strength to strength and moving towards top tier Universities. But the success is not limited to those that have been here since the beginning. External students are shown the same support and are made as comfortable as possible, such that they can find the path they want to take as well. On the whole, the student body is one that wishes to do well, helping each other and developing their own understanding within the topics they study. Support is given from year to year and everyone is welcoming of new students.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the teachers and staff. With a rigorous support network, our work is given the framework by people who wish to help young people reach their potential. The Director of Sixth Form Studies, Dr Leadbeater, makes sure that the students here transition smoothly in year twelve and are well prepared for their post-18 choices in year thirteen. The attitude to learning is about more than just the results you receive at the end of your time here; it is about developing you as a person, with skills that make you a capable independent worker that is able to succeed. Whilst I agree the prospect is daunting, I can say now, that attending SGS was the right choice to make. The welcoming atmosphere and want for development by students and staff has made the time spent here worthwhile and valued.

As someone who arrived at the school as a very reclusive character, the Grammar School has brought out my personality and let me become a successful student. As Head Boy, I can recommend the school to everyone, as it has been one of the key factors within my progression academically and personally over the past seven years.

William Gurney
Head Boy 2018/19