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The curriculum at Spalding Grammar School will promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning, and so inspire intellectual curiosity. It will challenge students to achieve academic and personal success by continually developing skills, knowledge and understanding. It will also enrich learning by providing experiences which extend beyond the classroom.

Our curriculum and assessment develops all learners through:

  • progress ladders that underpin how students learn and develop
  • schemes of work that are inspiring, rigorous and challenging, and develop knowledge, skills and understanding
  • assessment structures that effectively evidence student progress and support students to improve
  • marking and feedback that ensures students know the progress they are making, know how to improve and engages them in taking responsibility for their own learning
  • lessons that inspire and challenge every student
  • the setting of Preparation and Assessed Homework that effectively supports learning.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Structure

There are six subject lessons per day, each being 50 minutes long. We operate a two-week timetable with a total of 60 periods. The time for each subject planned is as follows:

Subject Lessons per fortnight
  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 8 8 8
Mathematics 7 7 7
Science 8 8 9
Modern Foreign Languages 5 5 5
Geography 4 4 4
History 4 4 4
Ethics and Philosophy 3 3 3
Design and Technology 4 4 4
Physical Education 4 4 4
Art 3 3 3
Music 3 3 3
ICT 3 3 3
Latin 2 2 2
Personal and Careers Education 2 2 1

In addition to these, students attended there is a 25 minute Tutor Period per day with their Tutor Group and Form Tutor.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Structure

Subject Lessons per fortnight

Year 10

Year 11

English 8 8
Mathematics 7 9
Science 15 12
Modern Foreign Languages 6 6
Physical Education 4 5
Personal and Careers Education 2 2
Option 1 6 6
Option 2 6 6
Option 3 6 6

In addition to these lessons, there is a 25 minute Form Period per day which students spend with their Form Tutor.

The top set Mathematicians will study GCSE Mathematics in Year 10, and the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics in Year 11. Both will be examined at the end of Year 11. All other students will study GCSE Mathematics only, examined at the end of Year 11.

All students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately in Years 9, 10 and 11. All students follow the Combined Science GCSE course in Year 9. At the end of Year 9, some students will be selected to follow the separate sciences courses (triple award) if they are judged to be able to cope with the increased breadth of requirements within the curriculum time allocated.

Details of the Sixth Form curriculum can be found under the Sixth Form tab.

Any further queries relating to the curriculum can be emailed to the Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Ingram at

Inspire, Challenge, Enrich