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Spalding Grammar School

Dress Code

Presently, in recognition of their growing maturity and independence, there is no uniform for Sixth Formers. Instead, we ask that both male and female students wear ‘business dress’. This is intended to strike a balance between individuality and the need to effectively represent the School in the local community.

Dressing smartly conveys positive feelings in terms of commitment and attitude to work; conversely, inappropriate dress distracts both students and teachers from the principal business of a school, which is education. Sixth Form students are role models for younger pupils and we are counting on their cooperation to send the right messages and encourage positive attitudes. I set out our expectations below.

For male students:

  • A smart business suit – navy, black, charcoal, or other dark colour. A blazer or tailored jacket with coordinating trousers may also be worn. No jeans, cords, chinos or shorts are to be worn.
  • A plain business shirt (designed to take a tie), which should be worn tucked in to the trousers and with the top button fastened.
  • A business tie (i.e. one cut into a V at the bottom, not straight across), which should be tied up to the neckline.
  • Formal, smart, dark shoes. No trainers, deck shoes or any canvas footwear.
  • Socks should be plain and dark.

For female students:

  • A smart business suit – navy, black, charcoal or other dark colour. A tailored jacket with coordinating trousers or skirt may also be worn. Skirts should not be figure-hugging and should be worn at a length on, or just above, the knee. Trousers must not be jeans, leggings, cords, shorts or cropped trousers.
  • A smart, plain blouse, which either tucks into or overlaps with the skirt/trousers (i.e. no bare midriffs), which covers the shoulders (i.e. no strap tops) and which has an appropriate neckline (i.e. no cleavage on display).
  • Formal, smart, dark shoes. No trainers, boots, sandals, or other “beach” wear.

For all students:

  • Jumpers or cardigans may be worn. They may be worn in addition to, and not instead of, a jacket. They should be plain, dark and coordinated to the rest of the outfit. Jumpers must not conceal the knot of the tie; cardigans should have buttons which match the colour of the material. Hoodies are not to be worn.
  • Jewellery may be worn, but it must be minimal and discreet.
  • No piercings (other than to the ears) or tattoos should be on display.
  • Any belt should be regular in width and plain, worn for the purpose of supporting the trousers, not as a fashion accessory.
  • Hair should be well-kept, clean and moderate in style, length and treatment. Any style which draws attention is not permitted.
  • No head garments, except those worn for religious or cultural reasons.
  • SGS Identification lanyards must be worn at all times on the School site.

If a student is in any doubt about the suitability of a garment then he/she should consult with his/her Form Tutor prior to wearing it to school.