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Enrichment Subjects

In a competitive world, it is no longer enough simply to do well in examinations in order to secure a place at university, or a good job. Each student needs to stand out as a well-rounded individual with a range of experiences, striking personal attributes, achievements and interests that complement those professional qualities that have enabled them to succeed in their studies.

To this end, Sixth Form students benefit from an extensive enrichment programme, through which they are encouraged to acquire new interests or develop existing ones, fill gaps in their UCAS personal statement or CV or add an extra dimension to their curriculum.

Within this enrichment programme students may choose from a diverse range of activities, namely:

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As a school we believe that these activities are vital to the development of our students. Not only are the majority Level 3 qualifications carrying UCAS tariff points, but the surplus of skills and experience gained from these activities form a crucial element in university personal statements. Future employers also want to ensure that they employ a fully rounded individual who has taken part in enrichment activities which have developed and refined them as active citizens and team workers.

Application rates for UK 18 year olds are at their highest levels since 2006, so it is becoming increasingly important for students to set themselves apart from their competitors. Our thriving enrichment programme allows them to do this.