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Spalding Grammar School

Life in the Sixth Form - 'A Sixth Former's Perspective' (Head Boy)

"A big step up, huge workloads, ridiculous late nights and a different environment"- some of the most infamous clichés about life as a sixth form student.  Whilst, to some extent, these are all true, Sixth form, without a doubt, has been the best two years of my school career so far!

Spending all my teenage years at this school and growing up with my fellow pupils, SGS has become a familiar asset in my life. Despite this, I was still anxious and nervous before beginning year 12, feelings I can only imagine were magnified for external students.  Yet, this school is more than just an academic factory for A-Level results; it is a community.  Staff and students ensure Spalding Grammar feels like a home away from home for every single student. Holding open doors, showing people where to go and friendly introductions were familiar sights in the first couple of weeks. However, now you would struggle to distinguish external students from those whom have been here their whole school life.  

Spalding Grammar School's second biggest asset, first being its pupils, is its staff! They ensure, both external and internal students, can be confident in their choice to continue their education at SGS, and help them further both their academic potential and their personal development. A-Levels are hard and bring with them a lot of work, there's no point of trying to delude you. You have got to remember while the work gets harder, you get smarter, and you grow alongside A-Levels. With the help and efforts of the excellent staff, none more so than Director of Sixth Form, Mr Love, teamed with the right attitude, A-Levels are much less daunting than you might think.

I am in no doubt that the decision to continue my education at Spalding Grammar School was the right one. Now, to be able to say I am Head Boy of such an institution, representing the school, its students and staff, is honestly an honour and an unexpected one. The younger, naive and much heavier Year 7 version of myself, could not imagine the person I am today, and whilst this cannot all by attributed to SGS, there is no doubt it had the biggest influence. No place is perfect, but with great teachers, a great working environment and, most importantly, first-class students, I couldn’t recommend this place enough to anyone wishing to continue their education! "

Mitchell Staff
Head Boy 2017/18