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As a selective academy, Spalding Grammar School is its own admissions authority.  It adheres to the nationally agreed Code of Practice but the governors are able to set their own admissions criteria and are not bound by the Local Authority’s admissions policy.


The school is part of the coordinated admission scheme within the County administered by the Schools Admission Team of the Local Authority.  All dates and procedures concerning application forms, deadlines and notification of offers can be found online at or in the “Going to School in Lincolnshire” booklet available from any primary school.

Admissions Criteria

Admission is normally at age 11 and is offered to boys who achieve an agreed standard in two entrance tests taken during their final year at primary school.  All but one of the grammar schools in the county administer common admission tests commissioned from the National Foundation for Educational Research. Sitting the test does not constitute an application to the school.  The results are standardised by the NFER so that 25% of the Year 6 population living in the areas of Lincolnshire served by grammar schools attain an agreed aggregate score of 220 across both tests.  This is known as “the county standard” and all pupils who attain this score qualify for a Lincolnshire grammar school place up to 31 August of Year 7; after that date boys will need to sit a ‘Late Entry’ test (see below for details).

By law, the Governors must consider parents who have named the school using the common application form, or who have applied online, before any other parents.

Places at Spalding Grammar School are offered to pupils who have attained the county standard irrespective of race, disability or social background.  In accordance with the School Admissions Code, all children whose statement of Special Educational Needs names the school will be admitted; the allocation of school places for those pupils will take place before the school allocates other places as part of the normal admissions process.  Only boys may be admitted below the sixth form.