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Spalding Grammar School


All students applying to join our sixth form are required to choose three A Level subjects which will form their core curriculum, and they will commit to these for the full two years. The only exceptions to this will be students wishing to study Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Mathematics or Engineering and Mathematics, who will be permitted to choose four A Level subjects. Again, these students must commit to these subjects for the full two years.

Students can choose any combination of subjects with the following restrictions: Further Mathematics must be studied with Mathematics and counts as two A Levels, only one History may be studied, and Engineering and Physics must be studied in partnership with Mathematics.  

Pathway 1 Pathway 2 Pathway 3 Pathway 4
A Level 1 Maths Maths Engineering
A Level 2 Further Maths Biology Engineering
A Level 3 A Level 3 Chemistry Mathematics
  A Level 4 Physics A Level 4
Enrichment Subject Enrichment Subject* Enrichment Subject* Enrichment Subject*


On top of their core curriculum, students are also required to choose an enrichment subject. The only exception to this will be students studying four A Levels, who, given the increased demands of their chosen curriculum, may opt out of enrichment and use the time for private study instead.

Following the changes to the A Level system, there will no longer be an option for students to discontinue an A Level subject at the end of Year 12, and all students entering Year 13 must study three A Levels. Additionally, given that AS Levels are now only worth 40% of an A Level and that AS results no longer count towards an A Level, students will not sit AS exams in reformed subjects at the end of Year 12. We, like many other schools, have taken the view that to lock students into a Year 12 diet of AS can only dilute performance in the reformed A Level examinations.