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Spalding Grammar School

Staff and Governors


Title Initial Surname Department Responsibility
Mrs J Abraham Administration School Administrator/Reprographics
Dr C Atherton English Head of English
Mrs J Avery Catering Catering Manager
Mrs S Avery Catering Catering Assistant
Mr N Bowlzer Science Teacher of Science
Mr Brooks PE Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Brown ICT Senior Technician
Miss M Brown Site Team Cleaner
Mrs I Busby Maths Teacher of Maths
Mrs B Carley Social Science Teacher of Social Science
Mrs Y Cavalec Science Teacher of Science
Mr R Cave English 2i/c English
Mr P Clark Site Team Groundsman
Mrs S Coles Site Team Cleaner
Mr D Colwell Learning Support Cover Supervisor
Miss V Copland Site Team Cleaner
Mr C Crane PE Head of Moulton House/shared responsibility for DofE
Dr G Dawkins Science Teacher of Science
Ms Dickens Site Team Cleaner
Mrs E Donnelly Maths Head of Wykeham House
Mr Drayton ICT Head of ICT
Miss  S Dungarwalla MFL Teacher of MFL
Mrs A Durno English Teacher of English
Mr D Endersbee PE  Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Evans Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mr Evans Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mr M Everett Site Team Maintenance Assistant
Mrs E Fyson Learning Support Senior Student Support Coordinator
Mrs L Gamble MFL Head of Gamlyn House
Mrs J Gill Maths Head of Maths
Mr R Gill Maths Teacher of Maths
Mrs K Graham Library Librarian
Miss S Grant Administration School Communications and Liaison Officer
Mrs D Grayson Learning Support Student Support Supervisor
Mr M Halifax Site Team Maintenance Manager
Mr C Harris ICT Teacher of ICT
Mrs A Harrison Wild Administration Director of Resources
Mrs D Haslam Administration Headmaster’s PA/Office Manager
Mrs A Hedges History/Law Head of Government and Politics and Pre-U
Mr L Hedges PE Head of Johnson House
Mrs S Holmes Geography Head of Geography
Mr T Hopkins English  Teacher of English
Mrs C Howard MFL Head of MFL
Mrs Howman Music Director of Music
Mr P Ibbs Technology 2 i/c Technology
Mrs S Ingram Science Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Johnson Geography Director of PaCE
Mr D Jones PE & Games PE instructor
Mr D Jones Technology Head of Technology
Mrs L Kennedy English Teacher of English
Mr S Kilby Science Head of Science
Mrs V Kirkwood Administration Assessment and Exams Officer
Mrs P Lamb Science Teacher of Science
Mr J Lane Music Teacher of Music
Mr S Lane Administration Senior Admin Assistant
Dr A Leadbeater Classics/Science 2i/c Science & i/c KS3 Sci & Biology
Miss B Levy Science Technician 
Mrs S Livingstone Art Head of Art
Mr B Love Law  Director of Sixth Form Studies & Head of Law
Mr A Lowery ICT Technician
Ms Luc English Teacher of English
Mrs J Lutton Maths SENCO
Miss A Mackay Administration Finance Assistant
Mr T Mardle Technology Teacher of Technology
Mrs J Massey Science Teacher of Science
Mrs C Matchett Science Senior Science Technician
Miss  J Mayne Learning Support Student Support Supervisor
Mrs  L McPherson Classics Head of Classics
Mr D Morris Business Studies Director of Professional Development
Mrs J Nowak Maths Teacher of Maths
Miss T Park Site Team Cleaner
Mrs L Pearce Finance Finance Manager
Mrs E Porter Catering Catering Assistant
Mr T Renwick History/Social Sci Teacher of History & Social Science
Mrs M Reynolds Site Team Cleaner
Mrs D Richardson Administration Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mr H Ripley Site Team Site Manager 
Mrs J Ripley Administration Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mr J Rowe Psychology i/c KS4 & 5 Psych, Soc & E&P
Mrs S Royce Catering Catering Assistant
Mr N Sear DT/Site Team DT Tech/Site Team assistant
Mr D Simpson Science Head of Physics
Miss L Skipworth History Head of History
Miss A Smith Business Studies Head of Business Studies/Economics
Miss L Smith History Teacher of History
Mr R Smith Geography Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Stafford ICT Teacher of ICT
Mrs A Stamp Administration Pastoral Administrator and Safeguarding Officer
Mr N Stone PE 2 i/c PE
Miss N Stubley Site Team Cleaner
Miss S Stubley Site Team Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs D Taborda MFL Teacher of MFL
Mr C Thompson Geography Head of Bentley House
Ms J Thompson Learning Support Student Wellbeing Officer
Mrs S Thompson Catering Catering Assistant
Mr G Troughton Maths Teacher of Maths
Ms T Tweed Site Team Cleaner
Mr D Venables PE Director of Sport/shared responsibility for DofE
Mrs K Vigus-Humphrey History Teacher of History
Mrs E Wallace Maths 2 i/c Maths
Mr S Wilkinson Maths Headmaster
Mr I Wilson Science Teacher of Science
Mrs S Woolsey Site Team Cleaner/Catering Assistant
Mr J Wyvill Art Head of Hobson House
Mrs S Yoxall Learning Support 1:1 student support supervisor


Mr  Faulkner Chair of Governors
Mr C Delaney Vice Chair of Governors
Mr M Hopkin Clerk to the Governors








Foundation Governor

Mr P Callow Foundation Governor




Foundation Governor

Mr  A Cunnington Foundation Governor
Mrs S Ely Foundation Governor
Mrs S Hoult Foundation Governor
Mrs  J Smith Foundation Governor




Moulton Harrox

Mr H Drury Governor
Mr A Holdsworth Parent Governor
Mr E Rees Parent Governor




Parent Governor




Support Staff Governor




Teaching Staff Governor

Mrs J Mayne Support Staff Governor