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Spalding Grammar School

Successful Department bids for PFA funding 2017

As promised in the School newsletter and the previous webpage update, I am pleased to be able to update everyone on the successful bids for PFA funding.

We had ten bids to consider from various school departments this year; some projects will be ongoing, whereas others build upon the curriculum and help to enrich the whole school.

Successful department bids:

Canteen                      New Tumble Dryer

History                        Replica items to assist with the study of the First and Second World                                                Wars

Music                            A vocal microphone and two guitar amplifiers

MFL                                A grant to purchase software, a visualiser and to enable the                                                                   department to  take part in a ‘translation bee’ competition

PE                                     Protective wear for the cricket teams

Additional Needs   Purchase of SNAP software, user manual and assessment forms

                            Library                         Two sets of shelving and seating

Money given to other whole school projects:

Four outdoor Table Tennis tables, for use by the whole school

A grant to cover transport costs for the Outlook Expedition to India

Equipment to renovate and update the sound and lighting facilities in the School Hall

I am encouraged by the success of the last year and hope that we will be able to build upon various initiatives supported here over the next one.

A big thank you to the members of staff and committee members past and present who’ve enabled the above grants to be made, but most of all thank you to everyone who has contributed or attended PFA  events in any way, shape or form.

Best wishes

Julie Walton

PFA Chair