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Spalding Grammar School

Write a 1,000 word article. Competition Time!

Competition time with the English Department!

It’s competition time with the English Department 📃✒️🌈🌪

We’re currently living through very odd times. Normal life has been put on hold, and people are having to find new ways of coping with the weirdness we’ve been plunged into. William Shakespeare’s response to being in quarantine in 1606 was to write his masterpiece King Lear.
Sixty years later, Daniel Defoe wrote A Journal of the Plague Year.
We’re giving you the chance to come up with your own creative response to our current situation – whether you’re a student, a parent or even a member of staff!

Below you’ll see a series of original writing prompts. What we’d like you to do is to choose one of the prompts, write your response, and email it to Dr Atherton at

We’ll publish the best of them on the school’s Facebook page, and we'll award prizes for the best (maybe even some pasta, or loo roll ...)

No closing date.
1,000 word limit.

Very best wishes – keep safe,

The English Department



‘When you’re stuck at home, you start to miss all of those things that used to really annoy you.’

What are your thoughts? Write an article explaining your point of view.

‘In times of crisis, you have to look for signs of hope.’

What do you think? Write about some of the signs of hope – or despair – that you’ve witnessed over the last few weeks.

‘The lockdown has forced people to create new kinds of relationships, and reach out to each other in different kinds of ways.’

What are your opinions? Write an article about some of the ways in which life has changed as a result of the lockdown.

‘After coronavirus, life will never be quite the same again.’

What do you think? Write an article explaining your views.

Write a story or description suggested by one of the images below:

Good Luck! We look forward to sharing your entries 🍀