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Spalding Grammar School

Virtual Bake Off

Let's get baking! 

Competition Time
Virtual Bake Off!
Now it’s the Easter Holidays, it’s time to impress everyone with your baking skills, in our virtual bake off.

1) To be a home baked afternoon tea treat. It can be Easter themed.
2) To be made from essential ingredients only.
3) Ask your family to describe the baked item in no more than two sentences.
4) Send in a photo of a slice and the whole cake, with description.

Please don’t go and buy special ingredients. This is just for fun during lockdown.
Closing date 20 April.
Photos will be displayed and there will be a suitable prize for the winner!
Please send a photo of your edible creations , as a whole and with a slice removed, to the SGS answer to Mary Berry at:

Let’s get baking! Good Luck!