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Spalding Grammar School

Competition Artwork Recreation-with a twist!

Create famous artwork, with a twist!

Competition Time
It is time to be creative, with a twist ...again!

This is great fun for staff, students and the whole family.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles have held a fantastic competition, where competitors have recreated works of art with household items, pets and people!
SLT have had a go at this, with some very entertaining entries!

Closing date 15 May 20

1. Choose your favourite artwork
2. Look for household objects to recreate the image
3. Snackable objects permitted
4.Submit your work (with artwork, artist and title), to
5. Don't forget this is for fun, but the winners will be announced, so please include your name, form and year.

See the link for some ideas.…/getty-artworks-recreated-with-hou…/

We look forward to seeing your contributions!