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Spalding Grammar School

Information for 11+

11+ Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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11+ Tests and Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the arrangements for the September 2021 11+ tests?

  • The tests will take place at Spalding Grammar School.
  • A letter will be sent to parents at the start of September with information about the times of the test
  • There is no parking on site. Please be aware that there is no place for you to stay on site during the tests.
  • Please also be aware that the roads around School will be congested on the morning of the tests.

How do I register my son for the September 2021 11+ tests?

  • At the beginning of Term 3 we sent 11+ registration forms out to parents via primary schools and we make the registration form available on the Spalding Grammar School website:
  • The registration form should have been returned to the Spalding Grammar School office in February 2021 (the exact date will be confirmed on the registration form).
  • Following registration, at the start of March 2021 further information/important dates were sent out to parents.

How are the 11+ tests structured?

  • The tests are set and marked by GL Assessment for all Lincolnshire Grammar Schools.
  • There are two tests: a Verbal Reasoning (VR) test, and a non-verbal reasoning (NVR) with spatial awareness test. Each child must complete both tests, and achieve a total of at least 220, to reach the standard for entry into a Lincolnshire Grammar School.
  • Answers to each question are recorded on a separate OMR sheet.

Why is 220 the required total to reach the standard of entry for Lincolnshire Grammar Schools?

  • The tests are standardised by GL Assessment to ensure a score of 200 represents the 50th percentile i.e. average ability. A score of 220 represents the 75th percentile i.e. the top 25% of the ability range lie above that score.
  • Although 220 is the score required to be eligible for a place at the Grammar School, it should be noted that scoring 220 does not guarantee the offer of a place, depending on the scores achieved by other pupils.

What if my son has special educational needs?

  • We make special provision in 11+ tests for boys with special educational needs provided that reflects his usual way of working. You will need to identify those needs on the registration form and they will need to be confirmed by his primary school.
  • If your son achieves the standard for entry he will be well supported in school, academically and socially, by our large, experienced Additional Needs department.

When do I hear the result of my son’s 11+ tests and how do I apply for a place at Spalding Grammar School?

  • The OMR sheets are all marked by GL Assessment. The final scores are standardised to take each child’s age into account.
  • A letter informing you of your son’s score will be posted to parents in October 2021.
  • After learning the result of your son’s 11+ tests you apply for a place either through Lincolnshire County Council or through your own County Council if you live outside of Lincolnshire.
  • You will learn which secondary school your son has been allocated in March 2022.

Is it worth going to appeal if my son narrowly fails to reach the required total marks for entry into Spalding Grammar School?

  • Lincolnshire Local Authority run the independent Appeals Panel for this school. The grounds for successful appeals usually relate to exceptional circumstances that adversely affected a child’s performance in at least one of the 11+ tests.
  • The Appeals process starts after the offers of places to secondary schools in March 2022.
  • You can obtain details about the process from the Headmaster’s PA:

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