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Spalding Grammar School

Early Entry and Mid-Year Admissions

Early Entry Admissions

Please see the below attachment regarding the Early Entry procedure.

Mid-Year Admissions

Pupils may also be admitted to Spalding Grammar School after the age of 11. In Years 7, 8 and 9 they will need to reach the required standard in an NFER Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning test.  From Year 10 students will sit tests in English, Maths and Science based on GCSE-style papers.

For students transferring from another school, especially into Years 10 and 11, it may not be possible to match all the subjects a pupil has been studying.

If the year in which a pupil seeks entry is already full and he meets the academic entry requirements outlined above, he will be placed on a reserve list and offered a place if and when a current pupil leaves.  Waiting lists are kept open until the end of the academic year and an entrance test can only be taken once in any year.  A further test will need to be taken for entry into the following academic year.

For further information and to arrange for a test to be taken please complete the Admission Enquiry form below and contact Mrs Haslam, the Headmaster’s PA .   

Please note, an Admission Enquiry form must be completed before your son can be booked in for one of our testing dates.  This form must be completed and returned to the School by the Thursday before the date of the test.  Please email to

If entry is refused either because the pupil did not reach the required standard in the test or because the particular year group is full, parents have the right to appeal (please see the Admissions and Appeals section).

Mid-Year Admission Testing, Offer and Admission Dates from September 2022

Term 1   Test date – Monday 3 October 2022

                   Offer date – Friday 7 October 2022

                   Admission date – Monday 31 October 2022

Term 2   Test date – Monday 28 November 2022

                   Offer date – Friday 2 December 2022

                   Admission date – Wednesday 4 January 2023

Term 3   Test date – Monday 23 January 2023

                   Offer date – Friday 27 January 2023

                   Admission date – Monday 20 February 2023

Term 4   Test date – Monday 13 March 2023

                   Offer date – Friday 17 March 2023

                   Admission date – Monday 17 April 2023

Term 5   Test date – Tuesday 9 May 2023

                   Offer date – Friday 12 May 2023

                   Admission date – Monday 5 June 2023

Term 6   Test date – Monday 3 July 2023

                   Offer date – Friday 7 July 2023

                   Admission date – 1 September 2023