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I Phone note app. collates multiple photograph files to assist with sending work in.

There is an I-Phone app (or equivalent app for other phones), which allows the sending of multiple photograph files.

Dear students and parents,


I hope you continue to be safe and well at this time.

As we adapt to online learning, we are discovering ways to increase our efficiency of working.

One aspect that can prove time-consuming for students and staff alike is the sending of photographs of work.  These photographs are not always easy to see and it takes time to attach multiple images.

To make this process easier, some students and staff have used ‘I-phone notes’ (equivalent apps are available for non I-phones). The app allows you to collate multiple photographs and send together, thus reducing administration time.  The attachment shows how to use the app (thank you to Mrs Fairham for the sharing this information).

If you have any more ideas or methods (technological or not) that can help support students with home study, do please feel free to send them to me ( so I can share these amongst the wider school community.

Remember, more resources to support home study can be found on the School website under this area of the web under the ‘communications’ section.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Endersbee

Assistant Headteacher

I/C Teaching and Learning