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SGS Science Roadshow's commence....

Tydd St. Mary are the first School to take part in our new venture

As part of our Primary Liaison, Mr Stuart Kilby (Head of Science) has taken on the challenge of visiting Year 4 & 5 pupils in their own schools and delivering a one and a half hour practical science lesson. With 4 topics spread across the year, the uptake for our 'Science Roadshow' programme  has been fantastic and the calendar is all-but booked!


Today saw Mr Kilby, and his ‘van of tricks’, head to Tydd St Mary where he had a split Y4/5 class of 30 eagerly waiting. They were all handed white lab coats and goggles to wear before taking part in the ‘Growing Crystals’ lesson. 


Before he even arrived back in school, I had received an email from the Head Teacher thanking us for a great morning and saying “All of the children in Y4 & 5 really enjoyed their morning and are really looking forward to our next visit! I have taken the opportunity to pass on some information and photographs to Jeremy Ransome so hopefully they will appear in the local press in the very near future.”


A great start to the venture thanks to Mr Kilby and his team!!

See the gallery for more photos...