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Primary School Tag Ruby Festival

Y12 Sports Leaders host Y3/4 Tag Ruby at SGS

"On Tuesday 17th October, the Year 12 Sports Leadership students had the challenge of leading the Year 3/4 Tag rugby festival . During the course of the day we were split into pairs and asked to coach 8 children from multiple primary schools. We provided warms ups, skill based activities and later progressed into practise games before going to lunch. These games warmed the children up to be able to undergo a tournament in the afternoon in which we Sports Leaders had to officiate. We had the task of alternating referees between 4 pitches  making sure that the children applied the rules of the game.

On reflection, this tag rugby festival has made me into a better and more efficient sports leader. It's allowed me to gain confidence in my self when speaking to a crowd and I have become a more effective communicator. I have also developed a better understanding of following and interpreting instructions and gained an overall experience of leadership which can be hard to replicate in a classroom. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that we can all take something from, and look to apply in the upcoming Year 7 lessons that we will lead next term".

Liam Scales, 12HBEC