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Is Secondary School that much different to Primary School?

A selection of Y7 students re-visited their old Primary Schools to talk to the Y5 pupils

As part of our Primary Liaison Programme we are trialling some new initiatives in our local Primary Schools in hope to gradually bridge what are currently, reasonably uncharted waters, between Y6 and Y7.

Whilst some pupils have older siblings already at secondary school, there are a number that are the first in their family to make this transition. Through building relationships and listening to staff both at SGS and a wide range of Primary Schools, we are beginning to see how we can assist children, from as early as Y4, in understanding that Secondary School really, simply, a larger and more grown up, version of their current setting.

Over the past three weeks, we have teamed up with Spalding High School and taken a handful of Y7 students back to their old Primary School to visit Y5 children to share their experiences of their move to 'big school'!

At SGS we made the decision to have a Y7 accompanied by a Y12 student, and the reception was fantastic! The Y7's loved going back and delivering a presentation to familiar faces whilst the Y5 boys were keen to hear what life is like from the start of secondary school to the final years in sixth form. The dynamic worked really well and the boys were clearly relaxed in the presence of our students, so the questions flowed freely from "Will I get picked on?", "How much homework do you have?", "Are the teacher's scary?", "Do I need a pencil case?", "How much is the food in the canteen?" But by far, the most common questions were regarding sports, subjects they would study, and of course, detention!

Our students were fantastic; take a look at the gallery on our website and you will be able to see them in action!