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 Y7 Visit Peterborough Cathedral

Y7 Students enjoyed a full guided tour of the magnificent City Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

On the 15th December 2017 the whole of year 7 went to Peterborough Cathedral. The building is 900 years old but there has been a religious building on the site for 1300 years.  The ceiling is the oldest painted of its type in Europe.

The building had many outstanding features but two of note were the Eagle Lectern and the Bishop’s Chair.  The Eagle Lectern is read from and anybody can read from it.  It has four lions at the base to show the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John and to represent the four corners of the world.  Three soldiers tried to steal the lectern but as they got to the door The Bishop saw them and ‘said it is not real gold’.  So he took one of their swords and sliced off the corner of its wing to show it is not gold.

Image result for peterborough cathedral lectern                                         Image result for bishops chair peterborough cathedral

The Bishop’s Chair makes a church a Cathedral.  This is the chair that only the Bishop can sit on. When the Queen once visited she was not even allowed to sit on the Bishops’s chair.  Each Bishop has an area of the country that they look after and only has one Cathedral in.  The Dean has to invite the Bishop in for special occasions. 

Oliver Baker