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A Sixth Former's Perspective (Head Boy)

The sixth form at Spalding Grammar School is both stimulating and rewarding. With the right attitude, two years here will help you to develop into a mature, well-equipped young adult.

Personally, I was excited by the prospect of being able to pursue subjects that I thoroughly enjoyed. A-Level study allows you to be able to become more of a specialist in any given subject. It is a chance to broaden your horizons and escape the vice of the syllabus. Spalding Grammar provides plenty of opportunities to do so; whether it be through debating, physics or engineering clubs, there is always more you can be doing.

Members of staff here are extremely dedicated and are committed to supporting you in your journey of development. In particular, Dr Leadbeater, the Director of Sixth Form Studies, works tirelessly with the sixth-form students to ensure that everybody reaches their potential.

At Spalding Grammar, you will meet students that are like-minded and can challenge you intellectually. But relationships forged here are more than just academic. I should stress that this is true independent of whether you attended the lower school; internal and external students are treated equally. Teachers are also friendly, intent on ensuring that your time here is not just academically fruitful but also personally satisfying.

Musical or sporty (or both!), there is something for you. Playing for the hockey team has been one of my sixth-form highlights. The school also offers regular football, rugby and cricket fixtures through the year, reflecting a student body that is extraordinarily talented. In addition, every sixth-former participates in “games” on a weekly basis. This is a fun and much needed opportunity to set aside textbooks and partake in physical activity. For those who enjoy music, there are musicals, bands and concerts you can get involved in. Having participated in such events myself, I would highly recommend getting involved in SGS music. The athletic, musical and social life of the school makes for a warm community that is pleasurable to be a part of.

Above all, the sixth form has shown me that, in order to do well, I have to approach my studies with conviction. If you want to be here and want to learn, you will see no end of improvement. I can guarantee you that. 

I wish everyone the best of luck in securing a place at Spalding Grammar and look forward to seeing how the next cohort of sixth formers ultimately move the school forwards.