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Spalding Grammar School

Curriculum including enrichment opportunities

The curriculum at SGS will challenge students to achieve academic success by continually developing skills, knowledge and understanding.  It will promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning, and so inspire intellectual curiosity. It will enable students to make informed decisions about lifestyle and career choices.

Agreed Personal Targets (APTs)

Students will set target grades, based on prior achievement and in line with A Level expectation, with their teachers. These will be challenging and aspirational, but achievable. They may, of course, be reviewed as necessary.  


Students in Key Stage 5 will receive three reports during the course of the academic year. Two of these will be simply grade-based, while the third will be a full written profile.

Pass progress grades awarded will be A* to E, with A* being outstanding. These grades are projected outcomes at A Level provided the student continues to develop in line with his current progress.

Effort grades will also be reported, with each subject rating each student as either Outstanding, Above Expected, Expected, or Below Expected. Where a student is judged to be Below Expected, further clarification will be given as to whether that is in relation to organisation, involvement, behaviour, focus, or homework.