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SGS Staff

Spalding Grammar School Staff

Title Initial Surname Department Responsibility
Mrs J Abraham Administration School Administrator
Dr C Atherton English Head of English
Mrs S Avery Catering Catering Assistant
Mr G Baker Geography Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Baker Finance Finance Assistant
Miss C Barratt English/PaCE Teacher of English/Head of PaCE
Mrs J Berry Learning Support Student Support 
Mr S Blades Maths Teacher of Maths
Mrs E Bosworth Business Teacher of Business Studies
Miss L Bristow Admin Receptionist
Mr A Brooks PE Assistant Headteacher
Mrs B Carley Religious Studies Head of RS
Mrs Y Cavalec Science Head of Biology
Mr R Cave English Teacher of English
Mrs J Chiappino Learning Support Student Support 
Mr P Clark Site Team Groundsman
Mr J Coles PE Teacher of PE
Mrs H Conboy Catering Catering Manager
Mr C Crane PE Head of Year 8/Shared Responsibility for D of E
Mrs R Cross Administration Finance Officer
Mr D Daly Science Teacher of Physics
Mrs E Davison Maths Assistant Headteacher
Dr G Dawkins Science Teacher of Science
Ms A Dearing Law Assistant Head of Sixth Form/Head of Law and Politics
Miss A de Nobraga Science Senior Science Technician
Mrs M Dewes Science Teacher of Science
Ms C Dickens Site Team Cleaner
Mrs E Donnelly Maths Head of Year 10
Mr P Dormor Safeguarding Team Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs A-M Durno English Head of Year 9
Mr S Evans English Teacher of English/Acting Head of PaCE
Miss M Fairall Site Team Cleaner
Mrs A Fairham Business Studies Head of Business Studies/Economics
Dr R Fielden Classics Head of Classics
Mrs  N Franklin Administration Exams and Data Officer
Mrs  R George English Teacher of English
Mrs K Graham Library Librarian
Mrs D Gray Administration Receptionist
Mrs D Grayson Learning Support Student Support Supervisor
Mr C Harris ICT Teacher of ICT
Mrs M Harris Science Teacher of Science
Mrs A Harrison Wild Finance Director of Resources
Mrs D Haslam Administration Headmaster’s PA/Office Manager
Dr A Hesslewood Geography Head of Geography
Mrs C Howard MFL Teacher of MFL
Mrs A Howman Music Director of Music
Mrs H Hoyles Administration Careers/Primary Liaison
Mrs S Ingram Science Deputy Headteacher
Miss S Jahangir MFL Head of MFL
Mrs A Johnson Geography Associate Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo 
Mr D Jones Technology Head of Technology
Mrs N Jowett Administration Finance Assistant
Miss A Kaleta Site Team Cleaner
Miss M Kaleta Site Team Cleaner
Mr P Keal Maths Teacher of Maths
Mr S Kilby Science Head of Science
Ms C Krawczak Learning Support Student Support
Mrs  J Lam Learning Support Student Support
Ms Lamb Science Teacher of Science
Dr A Leadbeater Science Associate Assistant Headteacher/Director of Sixth Form Studies
Mrs S Lord Catering Catering Assistant
Miss R Lucas Science Teacher of Science
Mrs C Manton Business/Social Science Acting Head of Business & Economics/Teacher of Social Sciences/ Head of Year 7
Mr R Manton ICT Teacher of ICT
Mr T Mardle Technology Teacher of Technology
Miss S Marjanova Site Team Cleaner
Miss J Mayne Learning Support Deputy SENDCo
Miss JM Mayne Learning Support Specialist Teacher & SEND Exams Coordinator
Mr K McMichael Learning Support Student Support
Miss K Montgomery Site Team Cleaner
Mr J A Morris Site Team School Technician
Mr J C Morris ICT Head of ICT
Mrs E Numa Maths Teacher of Maths
Mrs J Oglesby Administration Cover Manager and Sixth Form Co-Ordinator
Miss T Park Site Team Cleaner
Mrs Z Pegler Maths Teacher of Maths/Timetabler
Mr T Renwick History/Social Science Teacher of History & Social Science
Mr G Richards DT Teacher of Design Technology
Mr J Rowe Psychology i/c KS4 & 5 Psych, Soc & E&P
Mrs S Royce Catering Catering Assistant
Mr N Sear Site Team Site Team assistant
Miss L Skipworth History Associate Assistant Headteacher/Head of History
Mr T Smith RS Teacher of RS
Mrs E Steel Site Team Site Manager
Mr L Steel Cover Cover Supervisor
Miss N Stubley Science Science Technician
Mrs D Taborda MFL 2 i/c MFL
Mrs S Tebbs-Clark MFL Teacher of MFL
Ms J Thompson Wellbeing Student Medical and Wellbeing Officer
Mrs S Thompson Catering Catering Assistant
Dr D Twiddy Science KS3 Science Leader
Mr D Venables PE Director of Sport
Mrs K Vigus-Humphrey History Teacher of History
Mr J A Walker PE Teacher of PE
Mr J H Walker Site Team Caretaker
Mrs E Wallace Maths Head of Maths
Miss A Wass Safeguarding Team Pastoral and Behavioural Support Officer
Mrs A Weller Administration Attendance Officer
Mr S Wilkinson Maths Headmaster
Mr D Wise Art Head of Art
Mrs L Woodley History/Law Teacher of History and Law
Mrs S Woolsey Site Team Cleaner/Catering Assistant
Mr J Wyvill Art Head of Year 11