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Inspire, Challenge, Enrich

Our principal aim is to ensure that all students develop into reflective and well-rounded individuals, attaining their full potential intellectually, socially and personally.

Academic excellence is at the heart of what we do, and we challenge all students to achieve their best through the provision of high-quality teaching in a stimulating environment. However, we are concerned as well with fostering open, enquiring minds, an awareness of spiritual values, and the development of the qualities of moral integrity, self-reliance, initiative, responsibility and self-confidence that will enable students to cope with the challenges they will meet in school, in their personal lives and in adult life.


To be a member of Spalding Grammar School is to be part of a community that values and rewards participation. Those who invest the most, benefit the most and we encourage all students to make a positive contribution, both inside the classroom and to our rich extra-curricular programme; but, as well, to the wider world beyond the gates.

I am confident that you will be able to see all of this for yourself. When you walk around the school and speak to our students, I hope you will sense not only their courtesy and intelligence, but also their commitment and enthusiasm. I hope, as well, that once you have experienced our community, you will want to become a part of it.  

S M Wilkinson

Inspire, Challenge, Enrich

We are inspired by:

  • Passionate teachers, who stimulate curiosity
  • Being able to take responsibility for our own learning
  • Hearing about and celebrating success

We are challenged to:

  • Be the best that we can be
  • Solve problems that take us out of our comfort zone
  • Respond positively to setbacks

We are enriched through:

  • Opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Learning skills for life that develop us as people
  • Relationships that we build in the community

Our best EVER A Level results!

Two in every three grades at A*-B

One in every five grades at A*

More than double the national success rate at A*