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Spalding Grammar School



  • Mrs E Davison (Head of Department)
  • Mrs E Wallace (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs E Donnelly 
  • Mrs J Lutton
  • Mr S Blades
  • Mrs Z Pegler


The department has a suite of six large classrooms and one further small classroom; all rooms have projectors and large whiteboards.

There are 32 laptop computers available for student use.

Every student has access to an online version of the main curriculum text book which is used in the classroom; a variety of other additional texts are available within the department.


We operate setting throughout the school. Years 8 to 11 are in sets across the year group and Year 7 are currently in sets within two teaching bands. On admission we use Key Stage 2 data to make initial group allocations but movement between sets occurs once we have our own assessment data in term 1. All sets are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that students are correctly placed.

Key Stage 3

Pupils are taught the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum content.

Years 7 and 8: Students follow a common department scheme of work based on the new CGP KS3 books.

Year 9: Set 1 students begin their GCSE studies, whilst the other sets continue to follow a KS3 scheme of work.

Key Stage 4

Set 1 complete their GCSE studies at the end of Year 10 and have traditionally been entered for their examinations in June of that year. All other sets complete their two year linear course in Year 11.

Students commencing GCSE from 2015 will be following the new reformed Key Stage 4 curriculum and take examinations with the AQA examination board.

Set 1 study a higher level of Mathematics in Year 11; this is currently the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics.

Key Stage 5

We follow the OCR examination board specifications.

For A Level Maths, students study the Core units plus 2 units from M1, S1 and D1.

For Further Maths we offer the full range of applied units available in addition to the Core and Further Pure units.

From 2015 we will be offering the new ‘Core Maths’ qualification as a Sixth Form enrichment subject leading to AQA’s Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies.


  • Students enter for all levels of the UKMT Maths challenges.
  • Year 8 students participate in the Lincolnshire Maths Master Classes.
  • Year 10 students participate in Maths Enrichment days organised by the FMSP.
  • Students from Years 11 to 13 have the opportunity to attend Maths Inspiration lectures and a variety of other lectures run by the Further Maths Support Network.
Sixth Form Maths students volunteer to act as subject support in Key Stage 3 Maths lessons.