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Spalding Grammar School

Modern Foreign Languages


  • Mrs C Howard (Head of Department)
  • Mrs D Taborda (2nd in  Department)
  • Mme L Gamble
  • Miss S Jahangir
  • Miss L Pape



The department consists of  language classrooms.  


Students have opportunities to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in 2 modern languages throughout Key Stages 3-5.

Key Stage 3

Year 7: Students learn either French, German or Spanish covering a variety of topics including family, home life, daily routine, free time and school. They will continue this language to GCSE level in Year 11.

Years 8 and 9: Pupils study and develop their knowledge of the past and future tenses and cover new topics such as holidays. In Year 9 they may also start on GCSE level work and be introduced to GCSE exam papers.

Key Stage 4

Students follow the AQA Full course in French, German or Spanish of the language they have been learning for 3 years. They may also choose to start an additional second language. 

Key Stage 5

Students follow the AQA course of the languages they wish to study with a strong emphasis on authentic materials such as foreign news programmes, newspapers and online resources.


The school runs a trip that alternates between Germany and Spain in Year 7. There are also exchange trips to Spain and Germany for pupils in Years 9-10. Language activities such as film days are also organised throughout the year on Flexydays. We are also  offering Year 12 work experience in Germany.