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Spalding Grammar School

Pupil Premium

Spalding Grammar School expects to receive £69,380 in PP funding for the current academic year 2017/18. 

The priorities for the Pupil Premium Funding we receive are:

  • Ensuring that all students get the best opportunity by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those students entitled to Pupil Premium Funding.
  • Raising aspirations of students entitled to Pupil Premium Funding through support as appropriate.


The impact of the PP funding in the academic year 15/16 was:

  • All Y11 students entitled to PP attained 5 A*-C including English and Maths. This measure will change. 
  • There are gaps within other year groups that were addressed in year and will continue to do so.
  • Attendance for Pupil Premium students was below the National Average for all pupils (94.1%), finishing the year on 93.9%. However, when looking at total stats including authorised absences, the PP student attendance was 99%.


Examples of support that the School plans to fund via the Pupil Premium Funding allocation in 2016/17 include:

  • A focus on core subjects – English, Maths and Science, including continued employment of in class support as required. (Science is added this year)
  • A focus on literacy including continued employment of Literacy Coordinators and the purchase of resources associated.
  • Pastoral support through regular meetings with HoH and 1:1 discussions from FT’s with students and parents.
  • Regular attendance by PP students
  • Subsidies for participation in extra curricula activities, external visits and hardware as needed (uniform, laptops etc)

The SLT, HoH and Core Subject Leads at Spalding Grammar School will continue to monitor and review the impact of these measures to ensure that they represent both value for money and that they continue to play a direct role in improving the achievements and quality of learning for students of all abilities The School recognises that by putting many of these interventions in place the benefit to students is beyond those that are being specifically funded and as such is committed to supporting these interventions by adding to the funding received from the pupil premium from the School’s General Annual Grant.

Intervention Strategy 15/16 Spend 16/17 Planned 17/18 Planned
Budget 66,955 63,580 69,380
Literacy Intervention 32,839 35,000 36,050
Core Subject Support 20,373 21,000 21,630
Attendance Co-ordinator 9,838 10,000 10,300
Hardware for Students 2,328 2,500 2,500
Trips 2,521 2,500 2,500
Travel 151 380 400
Over(Under)spend 1,095 7,800 4,000