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Reporting Student Progress

There are four reporting points across each academic year, split across four phases, where we will formally update parents and students on academic progress. Each phase is nine school weeks in length. Common Assessment Task (CAT) results from each phase are used to determine the current grade, which is recorded in our data management system, Go4Schools. In the majority of cases, only work from within a phase contributes to the current grade; however, in exceptional cases, assessment results are carried from one phase into the next, if this gives the most accurate picture of student performance. 

All year groups receive a detailed Grade Sheet at the end of each phase.  These include a ‘snapshot’ of the live assessment data at that point in time, as well as teacher feedback on effort in the classroom and with independent work.  Phase ends and the issuing of Grade Sheets occur in November, January, April and July. 

A Go4Schools notification email will be sent out requesting parents/carers to login to access Grade Sheets.  If you have any difficulties with login, please email

Example Grade Sheet information: