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Spalding Grammar School



  • Mr S Kilby (Head of Department, Head of Chemistry)
  • Dr A Leadbeater (Head of Biology) 
  • Mr D Simpson (Head of Physics) 
  • Mrs Y Cavalec 
  • Dr G Dawkins
  • Mrs C Matchett (Senior Laboratory Technician)
  • Mrs S Ingram 
  • Mrs P Lamb 
  • Mrs B Levy (Laboratory Technician)








Science is based in six purpose built Science laboratories and one laboratory which is shared with the Technology department.  These are serviced from five prep rooms.The science department is well resourced in terms of the equipment and apparatus that it owns and maintains.


Key Stage 3 Science is delivered in 2 years and the development of independent study skills is fundamental to the whole of our Science curricula. The courses offered contains many novel and highly engaging activities that stimulate an interest in the Science being delivered. Self-analysis and reflection plays an increasingly large part of the feedback that pupils receive and take part in across all Key Stages.  Modelling is also very much at the forefront of the Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work, as is the development of revision and learning skills.

Key Stage 3

Accordion content, The ‘Exploring Science’ scheme is used as a basis for the KS3 Scheme of Work. 
Years 7 and 8: Students learn about Physics, Biology and Chemistry through a variety of different learning styles, topics and projects.  Pupils are guided in the development of their independent learning skills as they progress through this Key Stage.

Key Stage 4

Year 9: Students initially begin studying the Edexcel Certificate (International GCSE for UK schools) in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  

At the end of Year 9, a decision will be made for each individual students as to whether or not the Triple Award should be continued or whether a Double Award (two GCSEs made up from Biology, Chemistry and Physics) would be a more suitable course. These qualifications contain no coursework and are assessed by written examination at the end of Year 11.

Key Stage 5

A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered by the Science Department. In each case OCR is the chosen examination board.


The Science Department widely uses Flexydays to support our curricula. Fieldwork at Bourne Woods, visiting the National Space Centre and a trip to Freisten shore are all current examples of this. We also offer individual subject ‘student clinics’ at lunchtime in order to support students at all levels, as well as weekly revision lectures for Year 11 students.