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The Spaldonian Journal


The first volume of the Spaldonian has reached our tabletops: an exciting milestone for the Spalding Grammar School Editorial Team.

Daisy Darley

Volume 1: The Academic Year 2022-2023

'Welcome to the very first issue of the Spaldonian, a journal that represents the diverse array of academic work of the students of Spalding Grammar School. These articles contain course content included in exam specifications, but also the application of this knowledge in real world contexts and current global debates, which make for captivating reads.' 

'The school’s core purpose is to inspire, challenge, and enrich. Working on this journal and seeing the great work done by the students of Spalding Grammar School has certainly been inspirational. Of course, being the very first issue - and perhaps in time an important part of the school’s history - has also been challenging! But ultimately, we hope that this journal celebrates what our students achieve and how it reflects the spirit of enrichment at our school.'

You can access the rest of the articles by downloading the PDF copy below.